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 A journey through the memories of my childhood.

vallam repeat-01_edited.jpg

Drawing inspiration from the boats of Kerala and my childhood memories associated with them, these boats have a rich history intertwined with both my homeland and myself .The print features various types of boats commonly seen and used in the area, including the beloved houseboat and different kinds of kadathu vallam (small passenger boats). The background waves symbolize the kaayal (backwaters), and vibrant colors are used to convey a child’s perspective.My goal was to capture a fragment of those cherished memories from a child’s perspective and incorporate it into one’s home and life. Ultimately, our homes serve as narrators of our personal tales. This is a journey through my childhood memory.

sketched boaat-03.jpg
sketched boaat-01.jpg
sketched boaat-02.jpg
Hand drawn variations
mf final bg confusion-02.jpg
mf final bg confusion-01.jpg
foreground and background
single block (1).gif
colour variations
mock up boat-01.png
screen printed  samples
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