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Heart of Taro

Creating representations of life using textiles

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists and designers. In this project, I drew inspiration from the taro leaf to create a fabric construction that captures the beauty and essence of life. Through careful observation and experimentation, I was able to recreate the unique features of the taro leaf using fabrics. The result is a stunning representation of life in all its stages, captured in the medium of textiles. Taro leaves are heart-shaped and come from the taro plant. . It was a challenging but rewarding endeavor. The methods used are dyeing and stitching.


The two mood boards represent the stages of life - one lively and the other decaying. These stages serve as the main inspiration for this project.t

Stripe rhythm

The analysis of how different colors and color combinations can be used to enhance and construct fabrics 

Paper Exploration
Fabric construction
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